Your customers will love your WikiSTIK!
What is a WikiSTIK?

WikiSTIK™ is a unique solution to a problem that exists in many product manufacturing industries. Namely, how do product manufacturers keep all of their literature and technical information up to date in the field so it can be used by audiences who really need it most?

With WikiSTIK™, you just plug it in and sync. It works as easily as a flash drive and as hard as your product catalog, architectural binder or technical folders. No more updating your notebook or wondering what changes are out there. The WikiSTIK™ puts ALL of a manufacturer's product info, technical data, videos, presentations and more at the users' fingertips. It's more convenient than a web site and more versatile than an app. 

Whay do I need a WikiSTIK?

As a manufacturer, you know how important it is for your customers to have current technical data. You also know how difficult it is to keep their technical binders, DVD's or CD-ROMs current. The WikiSTIK is...

WikiSTIK Benefits
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If you're not convinced that the WikiSTIK is an industry game-changer, take the tour—you'll be convinced.

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WikiSTIK Benefit: Syncing Technology

The WikiSTIK™ is always current through syncing technology. Manufacturers manage product information through a secure, online control panel. End users simply sync to receive updated information. It's that simple.

WikiSTIK Benefit: Syncing Technology

The WikiSTIK™ is the design professional's off-line resource for manufacturer product information and technical data. An internet connection is only required when 'syncing'.

WikiSTIK Benefit: Syncing Technology

The WikiSTIK™ is all about eyeballs. Namely, those of the industry professionals that need up-to-date product information on a daily basis. The WikiSTIK™ is the most direct path to keeping your products in front of those eyeballs.

WikiSTIK Benefit: Syncing Technology

The WikiSTIK™ is a unique solution to an industry-wide problem that manufacturers and design professionals have been talking about for decades: "How do we keep product information in the field current?" A definitive answer has arrived.

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